Friday, February 01, 2008

february so soon

Not long after my entry yesterday, the squirrel finally fell flat on the ground.
The solution is very obvious, but the squirrel loves drama so I leave it to your imagination the things the squirrel could/would do.

Will I ever have a day in the office without listening to profanity?
This people swear more than them saying thank you.
If I could charge them RM10 for each vulgarity, I would be a rich woman.

This morning, as I walk into the office, my mood was sweetened with a gorgeous smile from a young gentleman. Every time I see him smile, the world became a happier place. Of course it only lasted for a while before someone ruined it.

Why he and everyone else have to be so young?
Instead of kissing them silly I can only pinch their cheeks.

It’s already the first of February.
I am so behind my to-do list. I haven’t touched my assignment which due in three weeks.
I was supposed to finish all my notes, obviously that didn’t happen.
I am no where near my resolution list. Wait, I did clear my old things, so that’s a tick.
As for the rest…
I don’t know why I want to make myself do this. I must have lost my mind.

I had 6-hour sleep and I am still so damn tired.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This year it will be a quiet celebration as most of my family will be going back to Sandakan. My dad’s side who are the pure Chinese will only have the first day luncheon. I think. Maybe I could use that two day to catch up with my work.

Note to self: Hang on there. This will be over in eleven more months. I’m sure it will be worth it.

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