Friday, February 22, 2008

the things Ekiel say

At three years old, my son is a professional con artist/bully.

Mom: You stay home with Bertram, mama want to go cut hair
EK: I also want to cut hair
After a while…
Mom: You sure you want to cut hair?
EK: Yeah, I want to cut hair…
At the shop, he refused to go in to the salon. He just wanted to tag along.

The other day…
Me: *Laughing like a mad woman*
EK: Mommy, don’t be silly

EK: Bye..bye… (to my sis’ bf)
(after a while)KT: Ekiel, say bye to uncle…
EK: Already kan?
KT: Say it again
EK: Already kan? I already say

Ek: Girl, go take my shoe
(Ekiel bossing his 19 year old aunt)

EK: Mommy, let’s go up, sleep
Me: Wait, mommy want to watch TV for a while
EK: It’s time to sleep. Got momok (monster) already.
Ek switches off the TV.

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