Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am Oscar The Grouch today.
People, beware.
*roars like a lioness*

I’m sorry but I am trying my very best to control this temper.
It’s not like I attack everyone I see.
The only thing apparent is my sarcasm which is higher/louder than usual.
Is that wrong?
Other people put an angry face and bang tables but they’re excused for having a bad day.
So give me a break will you?

You know what I want to do?
Sit by the beach, with my son, books, an MP3 player and lots of mineral water.
And yes, a good sunblock lotion too.

Someone said I am like this because of work.
That’s true because I am a different person once I step out of the office.
I know I could do so much more BUT…
Don’t tell me not to get emotional about work because trust me, I know.
I know many things I should and shouldn’t do.
Like you know what to do and what you shouldn’t do.
But you don’t always do the right thing, do you?

I went to the blood donation drive just now and the doctor told me that my blood pressure is “cantik” (beautiful). *raises one eyebrow* It was 120/80 and she ask me what did I do because previously it was 140/90. I told her I watchout my food intake which is of course a lie but it made her so damn happy because according to her, she believes that too much salt would increase your blood pressure. O-kay, whatever makes her happy.

I don’t understand why some people love looking for problem. You know the things you do will only create trouble and yet you refuse to listen to advises you asked for and you whine when things go wrong. *bangs head on wall*

Some people just love the attention no matter how idiotic the circumstances are.
Some people just love to encourage those people to pursue their madness.

If only they put this much of effort in their work.

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