Thursday, January 03, 2008

third day of the new year

My colleague agrees that my chair looks different and dustier for a less than a year old chair. See, I wasn’t imaging it after all. To the chair stealer, damn you.

My family had our annual family activity and this year we went for a picnic at Tanjung Aru beach.

Before I continue, I must say I was embarrassed to see the condition of the beach. It was DIRTY. I didn’t even dare to go in the water. Local and foreign tourists go to the beach expecting a clean and beautiful beach. Instead of blue water and white sandy beaches welcoming them, they get littered beaches and sea. How sad is that? Very.

The family outing turned out well. Plenty of food and all the kids, especially Ekiel had fun. All of them are burnt because they sit under the sun a little too long attempting to build sandcastles, which did not turn out so well. Hee. My son was busy kicking and throwing sand. He loves the way it flew with the wind.


How’s your New Year’s Eve celebration? Ours was just a moderate but filling one. My brother wanted a Chinese menu to compensate all the Chinese New Year he missed. So, we had a Chinese menu minus the oranges and the and pows. Oh yes, we did gamble a bit otherwise it wouldn’t be Chinese New Year.

2008 felt ordinary. Though I can hear the fireworks, there are definitely no fireworks in my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it can’t be the same old thing again. And again. And again. Right?

Oh well. This is just the beginning of a new year and I am sure/hopeful that many good things will happen. Last year wasn’t that bad really but I guess I am just being a pain in the arse for wanting more. I couldn’t remember if I have made New Year resolution last year (I know I could check my previous entry but I am so lazy). For this year, I talked myself to do a list. A practical achievable list. BUT being the pig I am, I may not be able to achieve any of them anyway. Remember my Learn A Different Language Project? I rest my case.

For that reason, I will not put up my list. I will however, reveal it when I accomplish it. If I don’t, then I will put it up at the end of the year for some thrashing/motivational talk. Okay?

When I heard about the so-called “fan club”, I was surprised. Like heh?
Let’s not think about the wrong side of this but I must admit it feels so damn good.
I’ve forgotten how it feels to be on a natural high.


carolchs said...

Happy New Year Lala...maybe fireworks will come later in the year :)

msLabadin said...

Happy New Year Lala... May all your TO DO List is ticked DONE by year end...