Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i hate WUSS

In FB, there’s an application where people get to either vote you as cute or sexy. Sadly, people think I’m cute. *LOL* Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the comments, but the word cute should not be used to describe a 30 year old mommy. I’d rather be called Hot Mama or Sexy Mommy. *bats eyelashes sexily* Thank you very much. Hee.

I bought a very nice pair of opened toe heels yesterday. It wasn’t in my “Things I Need Urgently” list but it was so so beautiful. This was the only pair that looked nice with my gigantic feet. I even went back to the shop three times because I know I shouldn’t get them but I couldn’t let it go. I’ve already bought a pretty expensive (in my opinion) working shoe because the one I was wearing was really worn out – I didn’t have much choice but to get them. To get another expensive (again in my opinion) pair of heels that I would seldom wear was unthinkable. I asked my sister what she thinks and she agrees the shoe is really gorgeous and if I have extra money, then I should get them as a treat. After doing mental calculation with my budget, I told the salesperson to wrap it up, pay the cashier with one eye closed and walked out of the shop feeling so damn happy.

It’s funny how one small thing could lift your spirits so high. I am still smiling thinking about that shoe. I already know what to wear and where to go with it. I just hope I’ll look as good as I imagine in my head. *cough cough*

*yawns like a lazy hippo*

I don’t know why I am so sleepy these days. Maybe I am making up for all the lost sleep. Unfortunately, the dark circles under my eyes can still make the pandas weep. Terrible. I hardly dream these days. The last dream I remember having was That Guy telling me he’s 29 years of age. My subconscious mind is wishing he’s my age I suppose. Hee. He changed his hairstyle and still is very cute and he still remains as the guy for me to drool at only. Not bad what, a motivation for me to go to work every day.

My mom surprised me the other day by saying I am being too choosy and that is why I am still single. Heh? Choosy meh? I don’t think so. I mean, I am choosing someone to spend the rest of my life with and at the same time a father for Ekiel, so I have the right to be particular don’t I? I think my mom is feeling the pressure to have her kids marry as all her friends and relatives who have children our age are doing so. It doesn’t make sense , I know but there’s many things in life that doesn’t make sense. This is one of them.

Someone applied for eight days of leave and got approved. So bloody unfair. Can someone please tell me how long will these injustices last? I want to vomit blood every time it happens.

Went out with my siblings last Friday. It wasn’t the best outing but it was okay because I enjoyed the live band performances. I noticed that most of the club patrons were either ten years my junior or ten years my senior. So, where did those people in between go? Was there a secret place that I do not know of? Seriously?

I enjoy dancing but it feels wrong to shake my booty alone – the siblings don’t dance. When I see someone dances alone, I would lift one eyebrow and think that person lives a very sad life. I do not want to be that person. So that night I danced in my little square box (the place where I was standing) pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

So, for my thirtieth birthday, I want to go dancing. It would be a bonus if I have a man (preferably someone who can dance) with me, which I doubt but I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for being optimistic sake. Someone “did” promise me a man. *whistles*

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