Monday, November 21, 2011

Give me a Chance

Greyson Chance.
The boy who drove half of KK kids CRA-ZY.
My youngest sister was so desperate for tickets; she actually called the Malay local radio station hoping to get some tickets.

I understand the fascination. Been there done that. I once waited outside the building of one of the local newspaper for hours for the tickets just to watch Jimmy Lam. I know, I know. Jimmy who right? All I can say is it was a pretty weird phase for most of us.

I remember coming early to the KDCA where the concert was held and I literally fought to be right in front of the stage. When he touched my hand, I was so sure that I was special like the rest of the girls whose hand he touched as he walked across the stage.

Those were definitely the days.

So when I see my sister trying hard to get the tickets, I feel sorry for her so I tried asking around but no luck. However, thanks to twitter, I managed to figure out the location of the radio cruisers which she managed to get herself three tickets.

I don’t know what made her gave my son the other ticket. He got all excited, ‘believing’ that he would go to the concert. When my mom told me my sister left with her friends and left my son at home with the ticket, I got really pissed. Only one ticket for Ekiel. Event in 1B. I don’t drive. What did she expect to happen?

True enough when I got home, my son was excited to go and I had to break the bad news to him.

Ekiel: I hate C and her stupid dumb idea. I knew her plan would not work!

*sighs* I feel you my boy. 

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