Monday, November 14, 2011

fashion police

After working for four continuous weekends, I finally got the weekend off.  Sticking to my weekend theme, “Save the Dugongs”, I spend my days sleeping and watching a lot of TV.

However, even with paid TV, there are still not many ‘interesting’ programmes to watch. Desperate, I tune in to our locals programmes, because we ‘should’ support our local entertainment industry no?

I was watching a little bit of a drama where a prostitutes who has two kids and she was diagnosed with AIDS. She was in the room all hysterical and a social worker tried to calm her down. There is nothing wrong with the scene really except my brain keeps asking me, ‘is the social worker going to a formal office function after this?’ She was dressed WAY too formal to meet a prostitute in her dingy rented room.

Maybe it’s just me.

But remember the scene in the bath tub and the girl was wearing a pario? And the cardigan in ‘Akinabalu’?  Something is so wrong with our wardrobe department!

It is also unfortunate that with the many fashion designer and self-acclaimed fashion guru in our country, the local celebrities looked as if they were dressed in the dark for a glitzy and glamorous affair like the recent AIM.  *whistles*

I know Christmas is coming but to look like a colourful tree is not the way to celebrate the season.
Sometimes, less is indeed more.

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