Saturday, November 12, 2011

school placement

Life was and will continue to be a little hectic until further notice. The scary thing is, despite the headaches, I kinda welcome the rush and madness. Takes my mind off certain things. Things I rather not worry. For now.

So Ekiel’s primary school placement is out. He did not get into Shan Tao as I wanted but instead they placed him in a school I never heard of and it is located o-verrr there where the traffic is crazy. I only realised it was a non-Chinese school after I log in to their website.

Silly me.

How do the ministry decide who goes where? I am pretty sure the parents of the girl who got into an all-boy school must be thrilled.

I was told to fill an appeal form and register with the ‘assigned’ school anyway. Just in case. *sighs* Some told me to go to the education department, and some told me it would be a waste of time as the department personnel is not so very helpful AND they cannot move the students around without the school’s approval anyway.

As much as I hate asking for favours, I made my dad made a phone call. I think I need to make another phone call myself. Just in case. I am beginning to hate that phrase.

It doesn’t matter if the school is a smart school and what not. As a mother, I want what I think is best for Ekiel. And going to that school is not it. To learn the Chinese language is also important to me because to know more than two languages puts you two steps ahead in front of others. This is why I insist he goes to a Chinese school, but I am willing to compromise as long he gets to the school I *ahem* approve.

I used to make fun of parents who are so concern and particular about their children’s education.  This must be karma no?


carolchs said... our school, the kids from kindy will go to the school they desire and fill up a form. Usually, it's one year or even two years from the year they gonna enter Year 1. The school usually sets a quota to take the enrollment. If the kids from kindy applied early and gets within the quota, they are mostly likely to go to that school eventho konon2 their names have to go to Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah first. The PPD will approve so long the quota has been met up.

I dunno how you registered ur ekiel but in my school, those who are missed out from the list are mostly those who didnt submit their form before the closing date. So the PPD will decide where to buang them.

And. You have to know this...the Guru Besar has the power to decline an application.

angelicbug said...

thanks for the info Carol. he is the 411th student to register, tho it was just a couple of days after the registration opened. i guess their quota was filled up already. *sighs*

hopefully the appeal works. *fingers crossed*