Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm guessing...

I must look for the sign that says “Come little boy, come to mama” on my face because it is becoming ridiculous. A friend of mine called me a child molester because I have this thing for younger men. The funny thing is; the love of her life is also younger than her. *sticks tongue out*

So there was this very adorable guy, let’s call him The Delightful Dancing Lad, whom I am absolutely positively sure is very very much younger than me. Our path crossed the first time for a photo shoot I organized that involved him. The other day, I met him again for a last minute shoot. He sat next to me and for some unknown almost peculiar reason, he manja with me. It is just me or is the situation a little weird? Or is this is just some game the universe is playing with me? Or maybe I am too serious about it?

I wish things in my life would be more obvious because I sucked at this guessing game. In the end, nothing happens and when I am content, *bam* I found myself in that same puzzling circumstances again. So people, it’s not that I am heartless or cold, I am just tired and I refuse to play games.

I don’t need additional headaches.
You want, you say. You don’t want, then don’t mess with people’s head.
The world would be a much happier place if everyone knows how to play the game right.

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