Saturday, April 19, 2008


OMG. Ekiel is turning three very soon and he still can't recite his alphabets properly. He could count from three to ten though. Don't ask me where his one and two gone. He'll tell you he doesn't know.


msLabadin said...


ekiel has temper tantrums kah?

angelicbug said...

oh yes he does. one night (i was working) my mom left him at home with my sister. he got so upset, he went and destroyed our old TV & Astro remote. hancur i tell you.

if he doesn't get things his way, habis larr barang semua dia buang. sometimes he'll get physical too. punches and tarik your hair.

nasib baik larr not often. i can really lose my patience ni. but i learn not to interfere while he is still fuming. lagi marah, lagi menjadi.

pernah i tell him you don't go overboard young men, dia jawab you disappoint me mommy. geram betul.

how's ur son pula?

msLabadin said...

inilah sy paning kapla as well... pandai menjawab n ndak pandai dingar cakap... sakit jantung sy... my laki pun cakap ndak lama mati lah dia ni due to high blood... i think smlah anak kita tu Lala... ish ish ish...