Thursday, April 10, 2008

no understanding people

I finally talked myself into doing some housekeeping on my PC last Saturday. Everything was everywhere because time is precious and I cannot even spare few seconds saving those files in the appropriate folders. *sticks tongue out*Yes, I am THAT lazy.

Today I realized some of my documents are missing. *gasps* I must have saved the files with funny names and forget about them and mistakenly deleted them thinking it is one of those useless things I save for no reason. *smacks forehead* Must stop saving useless things/saving files blindly.

Thank goodness my life does not depend on those files.

I wonder how life would be like without the internet. The office’s email and internet are out. The IT people announced that it would only take them 40 minutes to do what they need to do. It has been 20 hours (and counting) and nothing has been done. We are losing our mind because without those two we are useless. Sure, we can do the old ways but some people just refused to corporate.

If he or she refused to come to my office to give me the hardcopy which I am willing to type, then be it. He or she cannot expect me to walk to his or her office right? Like hello? I am a kuli but not his or her kuli. *rolls eyes*I went back home early last night because I felt bad for not spending more time with my son. It is after all one of my many new year’s resolution this year. My son told me there’s blood on his head. I of course ignored him because he always made up stories. Yes. My son is an almost three year old who knows to make up stories.

When I got home, my mom told me he did cut his head. He fell from my mom’s bed and hit the side table. There wasn’t any serious bleeding, but there was a small cut. I got a mild anxiety attack. I took a picture and he looked at it the whole night. He showed the photo and told his stuffed puppy how painful it was. He even reenacted the incident. I know boys will always be boys and injuries like that are very common. I have three brothers and I do remember all the emergency trips to the hospital. I only hope he has good common sense not to give his mummy much heart attack.

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