Saturday, March 08, 2008

a day in Lala Land

Queen of Lala Land sometimes wish her idiocy would keep herself hidden forever.
Those occasional moments where her judgment goes for a ciggie break, idiocy would creeps in and creates chaos. Most times common sense would be able to iron things out, but sometimes pessimism would taunt and mess Queen of Lala Land’s mind. When that happens, Queen of Lala Land imagines that the whole world is laughing at her.

She was sure the knights of The Gentle Prince were laughing at her this morning as she walked in to The Land of Drama and Headaches. Queen of Lala Land hid behind her ice cell, embarrassed and sad. Embarrassed because the subjects of The Land of Drama and Headaches now thinks she is desperate and dangerous. Sad because this is not what Queen of Lala Land imagined would happen.

So what did Queen of Lala Land learned from this?To swallow it like a true queen and held her head up high. They do not need to know she is shamelessly nervous in the inside.

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