Friday, March 07, 2008

TGIF. *woohoo*

I am so tired.
*yawns like a lazy hippo*

I know I’ve been busy with work the past few days.
The problem is I couldn’t tell you what I did.

At times like this I could use a cold beer, a hug and a good laugh.

Talking about good laugh, the universe is playing another joke on me. Why can’t some people use their head? Do they seriously think it’s funny? Good for them for having courage but they shouldn’t think they are doing the rest of us a favor. *rolls eyes* I guess it’s my fault as well for not keeping my mouth shut. Some information/things aren’t meant for sharing.

The Silly Squirrel told The Broken Japanese Anime Hero that someone kirim salam/ sends her regards. (in English it sounds so formal). With the Queen of Lala Land around. The Queen of Lala Land would have jumped into the see if she hadn’t forgotten that she could not swim. Though the Queen of Lala Land warned The Silly Squirrel to cut it out, The Silly Squirrel continued her silliness by telling The Broken Japanese Anime Hero she wants to talk about the regards sent.

Queen of Lala Land is now packing her kingdom to move to Pluto, the once a planet but apparently it is the largest member of a distinct region called the Kuiper belt.

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