Monday, January 29, 2007

painfully embarrassing

Remember what I said about how I felt when I watch the American Idol audition? Let’s add another scenario to describe the feeling.

I was in one of the hotel F&B (Food & Beverage) outlet. There were many guests having their lunch. I was there with some colleagues to treat ourselves with the High Tea Buffet. We were walking to the open area looking for a table and I was busy rummaging my bag looking for my mobile when suddenly the world was practically spinning. I SO did not want to land on my face, so I grabbed the nearest colleague, trying to balance myself and wish I could just disappear at that very moment. Of course that did not happen but thankfully I did not land on my face or on my behind either.

I am very sure everyone saw my little incident. They knew I nearly slipped or they think I was doing some weird dance movement. Either way it wasn’t pretty. The good thing is, (good meh?) everyone pretend they didn’t see what happened. NO ONE asked me if I was okay (except for my colleagues). The outlet manager, the waiters/waitresses, the chef. Nada. Wtf? I am still a paying customer. I don’t get to eat for free you know. Damn.

It’s not surprising really but I was hoping that as another colleague of theirs, they would at least show a little concern. I did not expect them to call the ambulance or carry me to my seat. *sigh* I am very sure though if I were a hotel guest, I would be treated differently.

I guess that’s how it is. We have people complaining they were not given the same treatment as other guests. Sabahan guests complain the hotel treats the West Malaysians better. The Malaysian guests complain we treat foreigners better. The western foreigners complain we treat the rich Japanese/Koreans guests better. Etc. It’s never-ending isn’t it?

I doubt those from the front of the house division (Front Office/Concierge/F&B attendants) treat them differently. I was once a guest in the hotel for some training in my previous workplace. I thought their service was really wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Even my previous boss loves the hotel and he will only stays here when he’s in town.

I know people have different expectations/definition of a good service. Some guests are so fussy they’re unbelievable. There was a guest in another hotel that complained about the weather! Unfortunately he was in town during the monsoon season. What did he expect? The hotel waves its magic wand and demands the rain to stop so he could enjoy some sun? *rolls eyes* Things like this obviously do not happen in the hotel line only but to everyone around the world. People have to learn to be more tolerate and understanding. The world does not revolve around them only. *tsk tsk tsk* We also should learn to be more concern and caring about other people too. The world would be a better place to live in.

Anyway, beside my bruised ego, I sprained my left foot (yes foot not ankle) and I was limping for two days. I still feel some pain but at least I don’t limp anymore. It is a good thing considering the amount of walking I have to do today but that too was cancelled due to the rain. *woohoo*

I didn’t realize my son Ekiel picked up a lot of new words. This shows how much time I have been spending with him lately. *sigh* He now bosses people around. Not only he commands you to do it, he would also pull your hand and place it wherever the hands the need to be. Like the other day when he did his pooping business, he took my hand and placed it on his pampers and said "check". I also got the shock of my life when he touched my bosom and said "Ball". No one knows where he picked it up and apparently that wasn’t the first time either.

Oh dear.

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