Tuesday, January 16, 2007

good day? not.

Please let it be a good day today.
I cannot handle another drama.
Not today.

The server in the office is down. Yes. Again.
Although my life do not depend on the Internet that much, it is very important to me while I am in the office. Besides getting my work done, it helps me to look like I am doing something (I am positively sure almost everyone with Internet access feels the same way). It is also a very important distraction so I would not end up choking anyone.

Great. Before I could even finish this entry, someone is already pissing me off. Sometimes this email business is unreliable. I am very sure I did not receive the said email but she insisted she emailed them over. *sigh* Okay, maybe I deleted them by mistake and deleted them from my deleted items inbox *rolls eyes* but the lady has no reason to be so bloody rude. It’s people like this who makes work shitty.

Do unto others, as you want them do unto you.
Why do some people make it so damn difficult?

Sometimes I wish I’d get a job that doesn’t involve interaction with another human being.

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