Thursday, January 25, 2007

KL trip the recap

It’s good to be home. I think. The whole trip was okay.
Okay because I couldn’t shop till I drop. *sulks*
I am still dreaming about those lovely shoes and bags.
But like I told my sister, I cannot afford unnecessary purchase.
Besides I bought a lot of things for myself so I quite am content.
It’s damn difficult to be a res-pon-si-ble adult.

It rained most of the time.
Thank goodness I have someone to drive me around.
Bless them for driving through the bloody traffic, heavy rain AND not complain about it.

Let’s see.
Subang/Damansara/Sunway didn’t change that much.
I was still able to find my way around. Kinda.
I missed two junctions when we were in KL Saturday night. Hee.
The traffic on the way back was madness.
All because DBKL were doing some construction work. *hhmmm*
Btw, HRC was great. Loved the band.
So, they may not be that great in vocals, but their showmanship was superb.
I was ALMOST in love with the lead singer too. Almost because he was just a bit too young for me (a bit?).

His dimples are so YUMMY.
I met up with some friends while I was there. It was nice to see everyone doing so well. When I was with them it felt as if I have never left. One thing great about them, they are always warm and friendly. I am also very happy to know some of them are planning to extend their family. Hee. *clap clap clap*
The wedding. The reason I was in KL. It was beautiful. The decor and the details of the wedding were simply breathtaking. I just love the fresh flowers and tea candles. The groom was surely enjoying himself *chuckles* while the bride looked a little nervous but she was definitely GORGEOUS. Too bad I didn’t take that many picture. (Heck, I ONLY took like 25 pictures while I was in KL).

I gotta say this. It is sad how that particular person who works behind the check-in counter for a budget airline behaved like she’s the master of the universe. BE NICE for goodness sake. It wouldn’t hurt to smile too. Btw, the eye shadow, I don’t know what were you thinking, but there should be a law about wearing more than three different eye shadow colors. Seriously.

Is it just me, or does the flight attendants from a budget airlines look... err well just say they look like they’re going clubbing with the heavy eye makeup and wild hairdo. Also, why do they have to "park" the plane so far? Pity me, I mean those senior citizens and those with children. Then you have those insensitive jerks who would simply cut queue. *tsk tsk tsk* A friendly reminder to those who plans to bring (heavy) hand luggages. Bring bags with wheels or you may suffer. I nearly dump my bags at the airport strip but I was too shy to do it. *LOL* I know we bought cheap tickets, but a little consideration would be appreciated.

I dread coming back to work BUT.
I am counting my next holiday already.

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