Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prince Gmee & Princess Irene

Something I wrote especially for the newly wed.
It could be better, but hey, I finished it within 20 minutes.
Nanti larr I improve it.

"Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, lived a Prince named Gmee. With his huge bulging eyes and his River Dance move, Prince Gmee wasn’t an ordinary prince. Although he was playful and mischievous, he is good-hearted. Prince Gmee has a string of admirers but none captured his heart. He always find fault in every of them. Prince Gmee however did drool over some TV celebrities and imagined their non-existent relationship, but they remained as his fantasy, which he would share with people who were willing to listen.

As fate had written it, Prince Gmee met a beautiful Princess named Irene. She was not only hot; she was also sweet and kind. Prince Gmee couldn’t stop talking about Princess Irene and he has nothing bad to say about Princess Irene. Many knew but he denies he has any feelings for her and claims they were only friends.

Their love finally brought them together. It was expected but many were surprised to see the changes in Prince Gmee. Although he was still somewhat creatively demented, he became matured, grounded and responsible. Everyone could see their relationship was strongly built on trust and commitment.

Prince Gmee and Princess Irene decided to spend the rest of their life together. Many were pleased and celebrated their union. It was a beautiful occasion but not as beautiful as the couple who were glowing with their love and joy.

Prince Gmee and Princess Irene never realized how their love story inspired many others. Their love story of two friends falling in love was a fairy tale that came true. And like every fairy tale, they too shall live happily ever after.

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