Saturday, January 06, 2007

first 2007 entry

What? It’s 6th Jan 2007 already?
It feels as if I have skipped the whole December 2006.
It feels as if I dreamt all those Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Luckily I have A LOT of picture to remind me what a great time we had.
And also pictures to remind me why are my pants a little tighter.

Christmas was simple this year.
I love all my Christmas gifts.

This year we managed to have more family activities, which were nice.
We also had our first friendly futsal match with my cousins.
My team lost but at least I scored ONE goal.
I had bruises here and there but it was fun.
That does not mean I will be playing futsal again anytime soon.

Brought my seventeen-year old brother to a pub.
Went to the beach and my son was afraid of the sand and the waves.

We BBQed for New Year.
We had a water balloon fight and my son was terrified with all the commotion.
My sister took the hose and started hosing everyone.
Everyone were merciless and aimed at us (I was carrying Ekiel).
I gave Ekiel to my bro’s gf who was spared because she was carrying the camera.
I then take refuge in my dad’s unlocked car.
I didn’t even let the rest in.
*evil laugh*

The New Year isn’t so new after all.
It felt like last year, except this time last year I was jobless and worried about everything.
This year I am no longer jobless but I still worry about everything.

A new year with the same old shit.

Now I am back in the office and I have piles of work to do.
*vomit blood*

I am half way through cleaning up my workspace.
I am sure the mess contributes half of the stress at work.
I wish I wasn’t so lazy so I could finish it.
I also need to start rearranging my things at home.
OMG. Someone please help me.

My New Year Resolution?
Not to lose my cool.

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