Sunday, December 17, 2006


What would you do when someone else takes credit for your work?
Worse, what if the boss applauded him with you in the room and he just gobbled the compliments like a greedy jerk without telling the boss you did all the work?

I kept my mouth shut and hold back my angry tears.
Then I whined about it to my mom and a friend.
Now I blog about it.

He told me to invite the press to stop by at the function. I suggested we invite them to the launch instead. He told me to go ahead. I wrote the invitation letter, I faxed them out and I follow up with telephone calls. On the day of the function, he forgot to prepare the press release. He called me to help him out. I revised the older press release accordingly, printed them out and brought it to the function venue. He didn’t even bother to assign anyone to attend to the press. Since I was already there, I tended the press with another colleague who was assigned to do the photography. I even made sure he was introduced to them and even suggested one reporter to talk to him about the function.

When the reporter left, I took over the photography because my colleague had to do last minute room inspection with some guests. I was there half the day. I went back because I got loads of work to do. The next day, again I did the photography the whole afternoon and attended the press at the prize giving ceremony. We finished the event late. I even joked about how he better give me a good appraisal for this job. He said he is not in charged of the appraisal, so I told him to let the boss know. I had to leave so I told him to email the press release because he needs to type the winner list first.

There was a lot of coverage in all the newspapers about the event. The reporter that I introduced to him even quoted him in her article. The boss sent him an email and cc-ed it to me congratulating HIM for the good coverage press. I thought oh, maybe he didn’t see the email and he hadn’t had the time to tell the boss about it. Btw, the press release he emailed with the result, it didn’t even appear in the newspaper the next day. I think it emailed it too late. Oh well, I told him to emailed it immediately.

Later, the boss came to the office and again congratulated him for a job well done on the press coverage. She also said that he should put this in his profile because of the amount of coverage the event had received. She asked him if the other organizer invited the press and he told him our hotel did. He later said this and that but he didn’t bother to tell the boss that I did the entire press bit. I wouldn’t be so upset if he told the boss I helped him out a bit. Hell, he didn’t even tell her that. Wtf? How dare him taking all the credit while I was in the same room. I wanted to tell him off on the spot, but I didn’t want to make him look bad in front of the boss. Why am I still so considerate at times like this? *banging head on the wall* This is one of those moment where I really hate myself for being so bloody nice.

Am I a terrible person to be so upset over this?

It’s sad how some people can bullshit their way up the corporate ladder.
I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t have to climb that same ladder.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes in life, we have to know when to put our foot down especially when it comes to our life & career. I think you were not being 'bloody nice' as you put it but rather I think you were just dumbfounded that your colleague took all the credit when you did all the work. I'm sure deep down if you were ready, you will have said something a matter of factly to point out that you deserved some credit too. In the world of "Dog eats Dog", it's sad to say & know that to achieve recognition & to climb the corporate ladder, we have become inhuman, it's ME, MYSELF & I eventhough time & again they said, there's no "I" in TEAMWORK!
Wishing you all the best!