Monday, December 04, 2006


Online chatting.
I admit I am a retired MIRC junkie.
When it got a little crowded and routined, I switched to MSN & YM.
Then I met too many psychos and annoying people, I put everyone in my banned list.
*grins* It’s a very long list too.
Now, the only people I’ll YM are friends and families.
And that only happens when I feel like it, which is very very rare these days.
In fact, I think the last time I chat (with my friends in KL) was before I started this job.

My colleague and I were talking about people and their character over lunch.
I was talking about a particular insane friend of mine when she asked me the million-dollar question.
Where do you meet all your friends?
How did you become friends with him (my insane friend)?
I met my friends from here and there.
I couldn’t even remember where I met some of them.
As for my insane friend, I didn’t have to think hard.
I didn’t even think twice.
I met him online.

When I was in college, I used to spend all my time in a cyber café, chatting or just surfing.
Internet café was still a new thing then.
It was exciting.
I was almost alone in a foreign land.
I was shy, insecure really, when it comes to making new friends.
So I hide behind the computer, in a smoky dimmed room, making friends with people who may not exist after all.

No, I have no idea how many people I have chatted with.
I also do not remember how many of them I have met.
Fyi, I did not meet them alone BUT even if I did, I made sure I was in a public place.
Yes, I know I am very fortunate for not meeting any serial killer or anything like that.
I thank my lucky stars every day for that.

I had some interesting chats and met some nice people.
Of course, I had few bad experiences/encounters.
But I just forget about them and move on telling myself that not everyone is a useless moron with nothing better to do but cause pain/harm/disruption to other people.
*shakes head* *rolls eyes*

One thing I hated about chatting is the lying bit.
Why pretend to be something else when you’re so obviously not.
People are SO gonna find out especially if you are planning to meet up kan?
This is what I call Kebodohan Tahap Maksimum (idiocy to the max) *tsk tsk tsk*

I know it’s a tough world out there.
Although no one wants to admit it, ALMOST everything is about physical beauty. (I admit I am somewhat guilty as well) Trust me. I am very experienced with rejections/being overlooked because I don’t look anything like those photoshop-ed into perfection people you see in the magazines. *yawns* I do have that much of wit to joke about it but not enough courage to talk/write about it. Well, not yet anyway. P.S. I didn’t imagined/dreamed/hallucinated about it kay. I may have an active imagination but I am no idiot.

Damnit I forgot what I wanted to write.

I did not meet the love of life online like some people. *jealous* Hee.
But I did make a few good friends although I have lost almost all of them to time, distance and circumstances.

Many people do not understand the whole chatting bit. Some people told me chatters are unattractive/corrupted people with no social trying to get some. *lifts one eyebrow* Chatting like every other stuff CAN be a good thing IF you want/make it that way. Chatting was NEVER meant to be the place for the perverts and the useless jerks. Th craziness is ALL our own doing. Well, theirs really. The perverts and the useless jerks.

I don’t chat these days because I am just at the phase where everything bores me. Despite what happened, I would still one day log in to the chat room and hopefully find my knight in shinning armor and his white horse. Maybe not.

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