Wednesday, December 06, 2006

this year

Gosh, I am still tired.

I have so many things to write BUT my mind is refusing to corporate.
SHE is busy ‘entertaining’ WORRY, STRESS, FEAR & FRUSTRATION.
They’re all confused and demanded some attention.
Fyi, WORRY is a pain in the arse. *rolls eyes*

I cannot believe the year is coming to an end. *errks*
It has been one LONG year.
Oh don’t get me wrong,
I appreciate all the things that happened to me throughout the year, yes the bad ones too.
It’s just that… I wish things were a little better.
Call me greedy.

Thumbs up:
- Got myself a job in KK. The pay sucks but thank goodness I kinda like my job plus some of the colleagues so it ain’t that bad
- The world (my friends) practically disowned me (because I was a jerk) BUT they were nice enough to embrace me back (so to speak). I am grateful for that.
- I also made/met new friends who makes me smile (a very important quality)
- I balik kampung after fourteen years and overdosed on Durians, Rambutans, Langsat and seafood
- Starbucks, Secret Recipe in KK
- My son finally learned how to walk and talk
- I finally get to attend one of my good friend’s wedding
- Rebonding
- Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince book
- Happy Feet (the only movie I watched in the cinema this year!)

Wish it didn’t happened
- It took me five months to get a job. I nearly lost my sanity and was this close to kicking some butts during job interviews
- I cut my finger, ended up with 3 stitches and an ugly scar
- I gained so much weight I feel like a bloody whale
- A relative passed on
- Me feeling like a bloody useless loser

It has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. Most time it feels like I am forever doing the loop, not knowing when will it end. I am still trying to fit in. Still trying to figure out the sanity behind all this.

BUT despite all that, I am still smiling. Still telling myself everything will be fine.
Yes I am optimistic like that.

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