Sunday, December 03, 2006

Long day

Wedding luncheon.
Church service.
House chores.

I am beat.
A lady cannot be doing this every week.

Next Saturday would be another long day.
Heck, I am busy every Saturday till next year.
I just told myself I needed to get a life.

The wedding I attended this afternoon was a friend’s cousin’s wedding. Unlike the Wedding Crashers I was more polite and decent. *winks* In my whole entire life I think I’ve only attended two church weddings and definitely less than twenty wedding luncheons and dinners.

I love weddings; I just don’t attend them much.

The theme color was white and purple. The bride looked beautiful. The cake was nicely done and tasted very yummy too. The food was good. The drinks were plenty. The entertainment, well, it was fairly okay. The special appearance by one of the local artiste didn’t helped either. *whistles* One thing that I thought was really special was the bride’s bouquet that was made from Ferrero Roche’s chocolates! She also threw the bouquet towards a group of single ladies too. How cool is that?

Usually, when I attend a party (especially Kadazan weddings!), I would leave after I had something to eat because I was a little intimidated by the dancing and the drinking bit. Today, for the first time, I stayed long enough to watch what happens after I went home. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. They enjoy themselves, have fun and get drunk.

I did the Sumazau when an old woman gave me the cloth thingy (no idea what it is called). It was a little awkward because I wasn’t sure what to do. You know, when to lift your arms and when to turn, etc. Oh well, at least I tried.

I also finally tried the infamous Pocho-pocho dance. It’s basically line dancing. I admit it is fun, BUT you need to know the steps to really enjoy it. Some of the older ladies really take their Pocho-pocho seriously. *grins*

There were people who dressed to impress. Although I personally feel they should have wore something simpler because it was a luncheon in a hall, BUT some of them did looked great. BUT, there was this one particular lady who stole the show by wearing a black number that has a knee length transparent skirt with what I assumed was a VERY short skirt inside. Maybe those were hot pants. Whatever it was, you could see her butt cheeks and it wasn’t pretty. Also a little lady was wearing a pretty nice blue dress but you could see clearly that she was wearing a knee-length bermudas inside. *LOL*

I had fun.
Pictures to be uploaded next week.

Although Christmas is only twenty two days away, the shopping mall I went today didn’t feel Christmas-sy at all. *sigh* Unlike the shopping malls in KL, the moment you enter the place, you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and excited to start your Christmas immediately. All I felt just now was restlessness. *rolls eyes*

We still have not put up our Christmas tree yet. My mom insisted we spring clean before Christmas can start. *Erkk*

One morning, I made Ekiel repeat what I tell him.

Me: Blues Clues (a children show)
Ekiel: Bucus
Me: Bbblllluuuueeesss Cllluueesssss
Ekiel: Bucussss

Later in the evening, I tried to make him say it again.

Me: Blues Clues
Ekiel: Bucus
Me: No, Blues Clues
Ekiel: Bucus
Me: Ok larr, good boy. Now say Hi-Five (another children show)
Ekiel: ... (Instead of repeating what I said, he put his hand in the air, waiting for me to give him a high-five)

Oh well.

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