Tuesday, January 30, 2007

angelicbug is wearing her boring black colored uniform

It’s going to be another long day at work.

Things get a little crazy at the end of every month.
Not only it’s payday, it is also the time when I need to do my so-called financial budget. Then I have to settle my bills and do monthly grocery shopping – baby formula, diapers, etc. This is also the time when desire starts arguing with common sense about the importance of sticking to the "necessary purchase only" rule. I also have the painful task of finishing the monthly work reports.

You have no idea how much I hate those monthly reports. *vomit blood* I swear I get migraine every time I have to finish one of those reports. My eyes start to sting and my brain just screaming begging for something more interesting/fun. Don’t tell me it’s all in my head. Don’t go psychology on me. You will whine too if you have to do the bloody reports. *sticks tongue out*

I was reading the local newspaper today when I saw an article about certain artist who goes to court for assault charges. It was briefly written about the hearing postponed to another date for reasons I cannot remember. Then the article ends with a line that goes the artist was wearing a yellow blouse and black pants. Wtf?

Why is that important? Who the hell wants to know what they wear? You don’t see them (the newspaper) report what the other accused offenders was wearing – "... His hearing will proceed next month. The accused was wearing a blue T-Shirt with Tahanan Polis across its back, blue shorts and a matching blue slippers". Hee.

It’s crazy how some people are more interested in trivial matters than the real issue.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the "necessary purchases only" rule. blech.