Wednesday, October 08, 2008

grocery shopping pt2

Many told me I should have argued for that RM0.60, which I now agree. For some reason, it didn’t feel it was worth it that day. With the unreasonable crowd and my irritation growing by the minute, I just didn’t want to waste my energy.

I am so lazy to continue with the second part of the previous entry. *grins* This happens when you put something on hold for so bloody long.

Here’s a super quick summary of the part 2.

Did my grocery shopping pre-Raya, which was a big mistake.

Half of KK was out doing their last minute shopping that day. There were a lot of pushing & unnecessary body contacts. *makes gross out face*

Supermarkets always choose a busy period to count and re-stock their supply (I assure you they are not re-stocking items that are sold out because of the festive season).*rolls eyes*

Malaysians love to hog the supermarket aisles. It is always the venue of choice to have a reunion with their family and friends.

Some people just take forever to choose a product which I am sure they bought many, many times before e.g. instant noodle. The ingredients or the fat contain did not change since the last time you bought it.

I am guilty of that sometimes when I feel like trying something new, but I “park” my shopping cart nicely, not leave it in the middle of the aisle!

There was this old lady with a boy (early teen) whom I assumed is her grandson. She told the boy to stay put at that corner and to look after the few shopping bags he was carrying. She repeatedly told the boy not to go anywhere with anyone and to wait for her until she comes back. Then she disappeared into the crowds.

One hour later, after my sister finally came to pick me and my mum up, that boy was still waiting for the old lady though he has moved from his spot three times.

I’m thinking, how could that woman just left him there to wait for an hour. Maybe she didn’t want to tire him by following her around but that boy was not a perfectly normal boy. *sighs*

Lastly, despite the effort by the authorities against littering, it is sad to say that the campaign is a flop. We have a serious case of litterbugs of all ages, culture and background.

Btw, have any of you seen the Telekom Raya TVC? I think that’s the best Raya TVC this year. Who’s the male cast anyway? Very the comel.

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