Sunday, October 26, 2008

so fast

This is my favourite corner of my work station.
The only thing that is budding at the moment.

I just got back from some golfing function. I don’t understand how anyone would brave the rain just to play golf but these people did. The ladies in the Philippines team practically bagged all the top prizes and from what I was told, I am not surprised at their level of commitment to the game.

I suddenly wonder what skills I have. What am I really good at?

What can I use that could help other people if not my own family?

Why do I find it so difficult to answer?


The past few weeks, I’ve been concentrating a lot on work, assignments and my so-called social life that I missed out a lot of happenings in Ekiel’s life. Every night when I get home, my mom would tell me what Ekiel did throughout the day but I never really think much about it because there are so many things going inside my head.

The past few days, I begin to how much Ekiel have grown and he is like a whole new person when he no longer is interested to tag along whenever my dad send or pick me up from work. He rather stay at home and watch TV. And he is watching TOO MUCH TV these days

Ekiel: Take it out from my cleavage

Me: What? Where did you learn that?

Ekiel: TV

It was a line from Who’s Line Is It Anyway TV commercial. *rolls eyes*

His speech improves so much, he sometimes talk like an old man.

The other day he and my mom went to the salon to get a haircut. He repeatedly assured my mom everything will be fine and sat there like a good boy when few months back he would refuse to even go into a salon.

Ekiel: Mama, are you okay? Don’t worry. It will be okay.

If I don’t pay attention to him he’d go “Mommy, please listen to me, I’m talking to you”.

He could recite his ABC now and I owe him one of those mini-computers thingy for Christmas.

He is growing up a little too quick for my liking. Before I know it, I’d be a Mom instead of a Mommy and there is no way he would let me kiss his face silly or let me hold his hand while walking. *sniffs*

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carolchs said...

ekiel is fast becoming a handsome man, no doubt about that. :)