Monday, October 13, 2008

gloomy monday

Where did time go?

The past few days were a blur for me as I was functioning on my auto mode. I go on with my daily routine without feeling anything because for some reason, my body is not functioning very well. Difficult to sleep, once I am sleeping, difficult to wake up. My head, tummy, shoulders and back hurts. My emotion is all over the place.

Ekiel is also acting up these days and there is not a day where he and I not argue about everything. He even complained to me yesterday that he is sad because I only scold and spank him. *sighs*

Family affairs are better left unsaid.

Work related too.

As for everything else, it is all in a rut.

I am practically broken.

My head hurts so much, it is not funny.

Despite all that, I am pretty excited with my girlfriends’ trip to KK this weekend. *woohoo* I have not put together a complete itinerary yet. All I have is island trip, clubbing, sunset watching and drinking cocktails from afternoon onwards.

Their visit is just what the doctor prescribed.

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