Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i dislike statictis passionately

My weekend was great!!!
I cannot say the same for today though *vomits blood*

On Friday night, a bunch of us met up to celebrate one of our dearest friend’s *ahem* 21st birthday. It was a somewhat quiet affair with a lot of laughter. Though there were some weird moments with personal attacks which thankfully have nothing to do with me, it was a pretty good night. I get to unwind and forget about many many things that is bothering me for the past weeks or so.

Nothing beats a couple of beers and few good friends to cheer you up.

Some girl friends of mine from KL were in town for the weekend. What happens when a bunch of crazy in a good way women meet up? Chaos. Something I haven’t done for a very long time.

I met them for dinner and the b****ing session begins. They update me with the latest happening with the rest of my friends whom I miss a lot. To sum it up, everyone is pretty much the same, some doing better than the rest and some people will never grow up despite the age.

*tsk tsk tsk*
Seriously? Get over it. We all have.
I am beginning to think that person behaves like a child because that person misses us terribly but have an ego bigger than the size of Borneo to admit it. *snickers*

For some weird reason, clubbing with them turns me into something else. Don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. The reason why I am so *ahem* well behave here is simply because this town is TOO SMALL and words spreads faster than fire. I do not want to give my mom a reason to nag about the women today.

The night was blurry because my brain automatically deletes unnecessary memory/information. *LOL* The girls however, have a lot of information to share and was surprised to see me in that state as I used to be their caretaker when they were in that situation.

Like I said before, I hate surprises but I am full of them.

The next day was the island trip. It was so good to just sit back and unwind. The food was good, the setting was perfect but the weather spoiled half of the trip by raining. Okay, it only started to rain while we were waiting for out boat to return to the resort, but hey, sitting in the really fast boat with the rain hitting your face is a very painful experience.

That night we went to the beach for our last lepak session as I have my classes the next day and they were flying back to KL in the evening.

I miss them already.
Today is a crappy day because it is exam day for us. Statistic was a nightmare!!! I swear the lecturer hates us because the exam he gave us was difficult with 5 major questions with 5 minor questions that requires formulas and involves numbers up to 100 millions. To make it worse, he only gave us two bloody hours to do it AND one of the formulas he asked for was NEVER TAUGHT to us.

My scientific calculator was no help because it doesn’t operate like a normal calculator. I think I should have reset it but I didn’t realize I needed to until the very last minute. When my friend and I secretly check our answers, I realized all the calculations I did was wrong and I had to recount them again. *bangs head on wall*

There were a lot of swearing and at one point, I started to giggle hysterically not only because I was panicking but because the continuous (from the other students) swearing and the arguments with the calculators were hilarious. Punching one wrong number is a big headache. I only managed to finish 50% of the exam. *sighs*


Marketing didn’t go very well too as I found out I answered one questions that carries 12 marks wrongly. It’s not our fault if the notes he gave us was wrong right? *whistles*

Something is happening in the office and I have a huge feeling I do not want to know what it is.

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