Saturday, October 25, 2008

today is so cold

At the rate I’m going, I need to starve myself from today onwards if I want to stuff myself into a bikini by July. *bangs head on refrigerator door* Instead of procrastination, I shall tag gluttony (food only) as my biggest sin. *head hangs in shame*

O-kay. Enough with the self pity.

The weather has really gone mad the past few days. Just like my hormones and emotions. It’s tiring especially after coughing my lungs out so I could scratch it. Yes, I still say every cough is worth it. *whistles*

I’ve just cleared the mess on my work station. I do not know what did I stuffed into where, the important thing is my table do not look like the hurricane just had some fun on it. *pats own shoulder* Now, if only I could do the same with my work and assignments.

What does one do when they feel like their life in a rut?

Me, I listen to some kick-arse song like this one.

Imperfection - Saving Jane

It always helps me to feel better (when friends and liquor is not available of course). So dear friend, I hope you’re feeling much better and remember our *ahem* fishing trip in December. But of course there are days, when I rather drown myself with sappy love songs. Yes, a very crazy thing to do but I swear the result is the same. I always feel better afterwards. I guess the promises of happier days are very comforting.

I am so easy to please.

Many moons ago, Chegu Carol tagged me. Upload 10 of your favourite photos. Believe me when I said I have chosen them but for some weird reason never upload them. So, here it is. I don’t have to tell why I love those photos because it is so very obvious kan?

Fyi, these are the ones I have in softcopies. I have a lot more in hardcopies and I must make time to scan other pics. Damnit. My to do list keeps getting longer and longer.

To continue this tag thingy, I tag Wildcat, Eskay and York.
Have fun girls…

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carolchs said...

i remember some of ekiel's pic from your Multiply...he surely have grown so much since then.