Thursday, October 30, 2008


The moment I set foot into the workplace; drama, tantrums and tempers cheers gleefully as they embrace me like old buddies. The promises of a tension and stressful day makes me nauseas and nervous. Nothing beats the *ahem* excitement of coming back to work after a day off.


Everyone knows how stubborn Ekiel can be. If you don’t, well now you know. Last night, at 1.45am, yes, 1.45 in the morning, he whined and complained how bored he is and wants to watch some cartoon. Just because he slept at 6pm and woke up around 11pm, he thinks the rest of the world is operating on his timing. *rolls eyes*

I tried my best not to lose my cool especially after the remark of a friend of mine made when I told them I spank my son when he goes out of control. If you see him in one of his tantrums, you’d understand why I would need an endless supply of patience pills. But at that very moment, I felt like I am the worst mother and I reminded myself to be more patient and find other solutions to tackle the problem.

Anyway, last night he sighed, he ripped his colouring papers, he stomped his feet, he cried, he threatened to hit and not to love me anymore and he gave me the evil look, I decided to ignore him because I was having a pretty good day (being on leave and all). I didn’t budge until he opens the door wanting to go to my mom’s room.

My parents don’t mind him sleeping with them but Ekiel moves a lot in his sleep and my parents are light sleepers. Besides, I want Ekiel to stop running to my mom every time I tell him no.

So, I told him nicely not to go out and that the cockroaches (his most hated bug) were waiting for him in the dark. Then I go on and on and I caught myself saying, “Why are you so stubborn?” when I suddenly remembered a very similar correspondent between my dad and I many moons ago.

Unless I am adopted, my stubbornness comes from you or mom.

I am convinced karma is biting me in the arse.

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