Saturday, November 01, 2008

the day after halloween

Just a few days ago my girl friends and I were talking about losing weight and what not.

To *ahem* motivate ourselves, we had a little bet where the one who is most happy with their weight lost wins. With all the emails flying around, details and prices are not finalized. At least that’s what I think larr.

Anyway, I told them I would give myself a new makeover when that (losing the weight) happens but when I think about it, it was a lame idea because surely I will give myself a gorgeously makeover the moment I could fit in something XXS.

Yes, I am thinking about this thoroughly.

So, as a prize, I WANT TO GO BUNGEE JUMPING WITH ESKAY IN BALI!!! Yes, a reward must be something out of this world, a once in a lifetime thing you know. Not some lame a pat on the shoulder or insincere praises. *woohoo*

You think I would have started starving myself by now but noooo, I practically ate one whole cow this morning. Yes, I am exaggerating but it sure felt like it and I am pretty sure the cow has lower calories too.

So, how’s your Halloween?

After all the excitement, I got so sleepy by the time I got home and with the rain and all I couldn’t help myself but to Zzzz. No regrets because I slept like a baby with no weird dreams or anything.

It was pointless to put the apple under the pillow though. Never mind, try again next year.

Today is another new day.

This day should be full of an outgoing energy, and you'll be ready to get social


If there is no social-ing tonight, can I sue the horoscope people?

Btw, why some people lie about their status?

No matter what people say or think about my honesty, at least I don’t lead people on kan?


carolchs said...

before i reached 25, i was full of guts wanting to try out bungee jump. then, getting slightly older and being attached to someone, fear wraps around me whenever i think of bungee jump. dunno why....but after watching bernie and tish in the TARA3 made the jump and smiles were all over their faces...i am convinced my guts to do the jump have slowly re-emerged from the deep sea...LOL!

bah..mana tau kan, to conclude my 30 years of living, i might do one. that is, if that unexplained fear doesn't come back.

carolchs said...

eh..when i re-read my comment, somehow, saying 'to conclude my 30 yrs of living' doesn't exactly sounds right. i think. :P

eSKay said...

weeeeeeee... i got fren to do bungee jumping with.. dun worry i'll motivate u like hell... suda go lintas ka??

angelicbug said...

Chegu carol - LOL. yes, it doesn't sound right but i know what u mean. i think a celebration of 30 years of living is more like it kan?

i am inspired by Bernie too. watching her makes me want to give it a go too. she was scared to but she managed to do it. so why can't we?

btw, was so sad and pissed to see bernie and her bro got eliminated this week. now i am rooting for ida and tania not only because they're a women team and from malaysia, i like their personality and character. can still sing, dance and skip when they rest were pulling their hair already

eskay - masih blm ada stock. nnt lagi i call.