Wednesday, November 26, 2008

can I get a what what?

I’m sorry. My yesterday’s outburst is not enough.

Sometimes I feel like I over react over the smallest thing.
I really need to learn to relax and just enjoy the madness.

Ekiel: Don’t worry mommy. You just relax ah.

Ekiel’s reply when I asked him to take my HP from the bedroom.

But anyway, it’s not easy I tell you.
My lungs expanded so much with all the inhaling and exhaling in my attempt not to lose my cool from all the poking and the taunting.

And yes, because of that I seem to be a little rounder these days.

I’ve been having weird dreams these days too.

The weirdest one was a couple of nights ago when in my dream an old man came to me and said my luck is not shining. He brought me to a lady who said “Lucky you don’t believe it, that is why it doesn’t affect you so much.”

She said some things and there were flashes of light with strong breeze and I was thrown backwards. I know so very the Hollywood but I swear I am not joking. She also gave me an instruction of what to do.

Wake up at 6.30am. Eat a hard-boiled egg and flush it with tea mixed with honey before 7.08am.

I know. I was like “Heh?” too.
Some dream of gorgeous men or romantic flings, I dream of crazy people.
Now tell me if life is fair.
*hangs head in disappointment*
Oh well.

Despite everything, it is a wonder I do not end up psychotic like some people.

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vsk said...

omy.. the owner seriously hate ppl huh...