Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 days before Xmas

I smell like chicken curry & fried noodle.
Trust me this is not a good smell on anyone.

Christmas is 30 days away. *woohoo*

Unfortunately, I have lost Christmas spirit few days back.
I kept it in my pocket and I must have dropped it when I ran around like a headless chicken trying to make sense out of everything.

Not only I lost Christmas Spirit, I’ve also misplaced Patience, Hope and Common Sense.
Did any of you see them?

Excuse my need to get this heavy feeling out of my system.
*bang heads on the wall harder than usual*

I feel so much better.

So, every year, I challenge my talent and skill to shop within my limited budget. I have done pretty well in the past years but this year I worry I am not focused or disciplined enough to do so. *sighs*

Since I am so self-absorbed these days (yes, I do realize it kay), I think my Christmas present for everyone is my undivided attention with no eyes rolling or one of my Heh? faces.

Amacam? Boleh ka tu?

I’m not cheap, just practical.


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