Monday, September 29, 2008


Have you seen him? Our very own version of Forest Gump?

Every morning on my way to work, we would pass by an old Indian guy who jogs around town shirtless wearing only short white pants. I’ve seen him in Karamunsing area up to my neighborhood, which is like pretty far by foot. He’s pretty friendly too, occasionally waving to the passing by motorists.

I wonder what inspires him to run. It’s difficult for me to even drag myself from bed every morning.

People fascinate me.

I could sit in a corner just people watching wondering who they are, their background and what goes on in their mind exactly at that particular moment.

If I could read their mind or look into their past, maybe I’d would understand why some of them behaves the way they are.

Understanding these people won’t mean I support their idiocy, egoistical and evil behavior; it helps me to feel sorry for them and to remind myself that I should be the better person.

It is easier said than done though.


carolchs said...

ya, ive encountered him few times when i pass by the traffic light near QE hosp

Linachu said...

yep, seen him too!