Saturday, September 06, 2008

old miss diary

When the country went “crazy” over Winter Sonata, I did not understand the fascination. It felt like I was the only one who wasn’t humming the Winter Sonata soundtrack. I’m sure that fact that I have never watched the show until today has something to do with my view about the show.

Over the years, I have watched many Koreans movies. I love their romantic comedies and horror movies. The most memorable is “Telephone”, a horror movie. The little girl, aged between 6-8 years old, who played a character possessed by a spirit, is REALLY GOOD. At one scene, where she was possessed, she seduced the dad and she did it so well it freaked me out. The thought about a daughter seducing the dad is one thing but for a girl her age to know how to seduce a man is scary! You should watch the movie not because of the plot or storyline (because it’s predictable and a little boring) but because of that little girl.

Last night, I watched another Korean movie that I really enjoyed and now it is in my favourite movie list. Old Miss Diary. Click the link to read the synopsis and review. Note: For some weird reason the characters’ family relation differs but the storyline is still the same.

My favourite scene/line (in no particular order):

1. Mija (the heroine) plucking her armpit hair because she is bored

2. When the three ladies went to a lingerie shop to buy themselves pink underwear, the younger lady found an elephant-faced g-string, put it on her face and pretended she is an elephant

3. They way the three ladies felt and walked wearing the pink underwear

4. “… when I kissed him, it felt as if every smile in my body is being sucked out” – (translated from the Malay subtitle) after one of the grandaunt courageously kissed the man she has been secretly admiring

5. Producer Ji (the hero) woke up at Mija’s house sleeping with Mija’s Uncle. At breakfast, Mija entered the room looking like she just survived a tornado, sat down, finished a big bottle of mineral water, sucked the air from the bottle making it flat (I do not know how else to describe this bit) and burp grossly only to find Producer Ji sitting next to her

6. Realizing Producer Ji was next to her, she took the flatten bottle of mineral water and blow into it to make it a whole bottle again

I just love the simplicity and honesty of the movie.

No matter how old you are, everyone is looking for love.

The way Professor Jia and Mija fell in love/felt the chemistry is hilarious. Sweet but very gross.

Watch it. Astro is repeating the show this month.

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