Sunday, September 28, 2008

pickup lines anyone?

”I am from Ireland. Do you know what Ireland is? It’s a country.”

And that people is the worst pickup line I have ever heard. He wobbled to our table, and said exactly that. My friend raised her eyebrow and left while I, the polite one, smiled and said “Thank you for that piece of information” and then walked away. He was cute but his pretty face could not save him from his embarrassing line.

Here’s a tip. NEVER INSULT THE GIRL YOU’RE TRYING TO PICK UP no matter how dumb you think we are. *grins*

Most times people do not think and say the first thing that crossed their mind. Spontaneity is a good thing sometime. Though I would not recommend using every single pickup lines you learn from the net because it gets too rigid (though sometimes that may work especially with men who are shy). How would you know if your lines work? Easy. Log in to Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship game.

It’s an online site where you could test your pickup lines before using them in the real world. You know, like a practice pit. Every time your line works, you’d get to go further until you got yourself the Victory Hair.

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Polish those pickup lines because you’ll never know when you’re meeting that hot chicks or that fine man you’ve been daydreaming about.

Even if you’re taken, learn a sexy pickup line to just spice things up with that partner of yours because who says flirting and romance have to die when you’re married /dating.


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