Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it's a wet wet Tuesday

There was a 7-hour blackout in my neighbourhood last Sunday. 7 freaking hours! It started with a fierce lightning and a terrifying thunder.

I am not sure who screamed the loudest; Ekiel or me. *whistles*

Why, at this present age and time, are we (people of my neighbourhood) still experiencing blackouts almost every week? It’s really frustrating especially on a hot night like the other night. We (my son and I) were practically swimming in our sweats. I drifted in and out of sleep while fanning ourselves for a little comfort and sanity. I was so pissed. Not sure at who though. At 2.25am, I was swearing about the heat when suddenly, life was beautiful again with the electricity back on as the ceiling fan tries to make up for lost 7 hours. I slept like a baby after that.

But seriously, why? Why blackout almost every week? You think with the advancement of technology, we shouldn’t face problems like this anymore. Or are we depending on electricity a little too much? Almost everything that brings comfort to mankind runs on electricity. I wonder what will happen to us, should we run out of electricity supply. Even with all the luxuries, people still becomes psychotic.

I don’t understand why my blog setting gone crazy. Again.
Suka hati dia saja mau tukar tukar.

It’s annoying really to see all the colours clashing like some persembahan hari penyampaian hadiah sekolah (school’s prize presentation ceremony), which I understand the rationale behind it but find it totally unnecessary.

Imagine this.
A choir of 100 over students (not sure on exact number though but it sure felt like there were a lot of us!) with three different types of dresses; red + white coat, green + black coat and yellow + black coat, and eye shadows, blushers and lipsticks of horrific colours. Despite the success of the concert, the costume department failed miserably and I am still traumatized until this very day. I can never wear more than 2 or 3 (on a good day) colours at one time.

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians.
I pray that we will continue to live in peace and harmony despite all the madness.
Hopefully it is a fight for the people and not some personal agenda.

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