Friday, September 05, 2008


(This will be another long weekend)
When I am bored or stressed out, I go to Google Translate and become a woman of many languages. Now I can really say I know how to swear in many languages. *evil laugh*

I just want everyone to know, if I lose my sanity one day, it’ll be because of work.

To my lawyer friends, please sue him (Mr Wuss) for mental, psychological and spiritual harassment. Terima kasih.

I had a massage last night and it was GOOD. Like I told my friends, it’s not one of those soothing and relaxing massage but one of those strong, firm massage that makes you feel tonnes lighter. Yes, there were few spots where she massaged and I wanted to kick her off me and the same time laugh myself silly. It was a wonderful mix feeling and I think I understand a little bit, just a little larr, why some people are into this pain thingy. Be it in whatever form there is.

It is a natural high but we must have a limit to what crazy things we can and would do no?

The therapist was a small but strong lady. I knew she practically used all her energy because she was catching her breath through half of the session. *head hangs in shyness*When I was making ugly faces because of the pain/ticklishness, instead of lessening the pressure, she told me to just suck it up. I wasn’t offended but I did found it very funny.

She also commented on something else which I don’t think is appropriate for public viewing.

Is too much massage bad for you? If I didn’t have budget constraint, I’d probably have a session once a week. *whistles*

I know some people think it is a waste of money or even worry they cannot handle the “pain”. The pain bit, you could always tell the therapist (except the one I had last night!) to lessen the pressure. They will oblige; no worry. And it doesn’t make you less of man if you can’t handle the pressure. *whistles harder*

As for the money, it is a very sensitive and subjective topic but my motto is, “if you’re not going to pamper yourself, who will?” Some people may think that is a very self-centred statement, but hey, with the crazy life I (and everyone else) have to face and fight everyday, you need to rejuvenate to survive. Besides, it is only RM40 per session. I just need to work harder with my sponsored posts. *winks*

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