Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my head hurts...

I think I’ve damaged my brain during Quantitative Method, or popular known as Statistics. I thought I have left this nightmare behind but apparently it is back to haunt and make my life miserable again.

I am never good with formulas. Sure, I could do addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in my head easily but once you give me a set of formula and tweak it around for the fun of it, I’d be lost like a cow in the middle of a fashion runway.

I don’t see the connection either but the voice in my head says it is exactly like that. Who argues with the voice in your head?

So today in QM class, while forcing my brain to learn the subject and trying to make sense every word that comes out from the facilitator’s mouth, my little calculator only makes it more difficult by being small. With my huge fingers, I feel and look like a giant trying to make sense of the senseless while cursing under my breath whenever I punch an extra number or a number wrongly, which seems to happen VERY OFTEN.

Susah oh! *cries shamelessly*
The facilitator also loves to gives us assignments on topics he didn’t bother to share.
“… kelas… macam mana? Senang kan? Paannnddaaaiii kamu”
(“… class, how is it? Easy right? So smart of you”)

I feel like throwing him my water container every time he says that.
Yes, he is much more gentle and *ahem* womanly than yours truly.

If I were any good in formulas, do you think I’d be right here, right now?

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