Friday, December 11, 2009

December quickie

I’m still here people.
I’m just a little busy catching up with life.
Life shouldn’t be this complicated but it is.

I am not just talking about work, but everything else as well.

Ekiel has been complaining about me going to work these days.

This morning when he was upset I would not skip work and stay with him at home, I told him we need the money to buy Christmas presents. He made me depressed when he said, he already got the Christmas computer from last year and he doesn’t need a new one. *sighs*

I love that boy so much, I sometimes worry I would not be able to love another [child] the same way.

Someone whom I barely know asked me a question that left me speechless the other day.

“So, are you going to have another child?”

I looked at another friend for help but instead she was waiting for my answer too.

“Err… maybe another one. The proper way of course” I replied, while planning my escape route in my head

She went on saying I am lucky to have such supportive family.
I agree. I am very blessed indeed.

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