Thursday, April 01, 2010


Thank goodness it's April!

*wipes forehead in relief*

March was painful. It was like a month long headache fest. Last night, I seriously thought the whole family needs to mandi bunga or something BUT when we find out what happened, I sighed with relief BUT I begin to worry about something else.

My sister’s car wouldn’t start in the morning. In the evening, my dad went to buy bread and his car wouldn’t start too. Later, he realised that the clutch was in drive mode, not neutral. My mom laughed at him but when I looked at my dad, I see a tired old man and it is sad that at his age, he stills need to drive me around and sometimes do my errands. *head hangs in shame*

As I tossed and turned in bed with Ekiel’s soft snores as my soundtrack this morning, I realised a drastic change is inevitable and today is a good day to do it.

Ekiel: Mommy, I want to be a baby again.

Me: Why?

Ekiel: It’s hard to be a big boy.

By the way, I registered Ekiel in Shan Tao primary school. The nice lady told me to fill a form which I did and when I handed it to her, she asked me what Ekiel’s Chinese name is. I looked at the form and I looked at her and replied, “like in the birth certificate, he has no Chinese name” to which the lady replied, “no worries, we will give him one when he starts school”.

What does she mean by that?

Then she told me that by October 2011, I would need to call the school back to see if Ekiel is accepted as a student. I blinked a couple of times and asked her if I heard her right. October 2011? Apparently, registration does not guarantee a spot as they have limited spots. They can only accommodate over 300 children and Ekiel was the 411th child to register which I understand. But why so late I asked her. She casually replied, “that’s the education department’s procedures”.

This is my first time registering a child for primary school and to avoid conflict with the lady which may affect Ekiel’s chances of going to that school [though she has no power whatsoever, but just in case!], I just nod my head to accept the fact that I have to wait for over a year to find out if Ekiel is accepted to this school with chances of me forgetting to check this next year is and screw everything up is VERY high.

I was THE 411th parent to register their child. Other parents must have waited outside the school gate the night before the registration opens.

Parents can be SO competitive kan? *whistles*

I wanted to bring Ekiel to dentist the other day to which he agrees because he gets to skip school. So, he doesn’t realize who the dentist is but I want to avoid the whole pre-drama and take my chances of him screaming his head of when the dentist starts to poke his mouth with his dental tools. UNFORTUNATELY some idiot at home decided it would be fun to tease him and told Ekiel that the dentist will pull out all his teeth and so on.

The next morning, Ekiel told me he rather goes to school. *bang heads on the wall*


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carolchs said...

i wonder how little boy like ekiel can already think how hard life can be. did we think the same when we were small?

thats what happen when enrolling your kids to an established good school. mau compete with other kids ni. i know a friend who worked in an established kindy school. she said, parents registered their kids as early as one day old baby. no kidding.