Monday, August 02, 2010

Is it August already?


BUT this also means that Christmas is just four months away! *woohoo*

I miss Christmas but we all know that few days before Christmas I would get all weird and wish Christmas was over. I don’t know why but it’s my year-end must-go-through phase. I think at this point, I just miss having something to look forward to.

I do have my Vietnam trip this month end but my enthusiasm kicked a little too early and now it is in coma. I am waiting for it to wake up from its deep sleep. I am just too distracted to be excited about anything these days but believe me when I say I am already half way through my Christmas list.

My theme this year is still “Wearables” but instead of one item, I’ll throw in a couple of stuffs I have bought over the year. Of course, this excludes many things that may not last the waiting period or something that is in trend.

I mean, no one would like a Twilight bed sheet for Christmas would they? I am just saying. I will never buy anything Twilight. By the way, do they even have bed sheet kah? Why would any sane adult or teen for that matter buy an Edward printed bed sheet anyway? So when they lie in bed, they are like together gether? *LOL*

Yes, my son says I’m lame too.

Anyway, everyone deserves a good Christmas this year. Things have been difficult for many people. I really do wish there is something I can do or say to make it better. *sighs*

This too shall pass my friends.

In church the other day, I gave my son some money to put in the collection bag. He keeps telling me he wants to belanja me minum Yoyo the next day. I absentmindedly agree then I noticed he didn’t put the money in.

Me: Why you didn’t put in the money?
Ekiel: Kan I say I belanja you Yoyo

Me: How can like that?

Ekiel: You say just now OK.

Me: Put in the money

Ekiel: *makes sad puppy face*

Me: Bah nanti me ganti larr the money

Ekiel is such a conman boy these days, I really need to be careful with what I say and agree with him. He will claim sampai he gets what he wants.

Perseverance is a good thing but stubbornness gives me ulcer.

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