Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Think Pink

I need to do this entry before the month ends. With October being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, some bloggers like CheguCarol plans to wear something pink for the whole month to encourage everyone to be more proactive in cancer prevention.

With my procrastination problem, I rather not commit to anything. Remember my learning a foreign language? The book had mysteriously disappeared.

Anyway, I have heard plenty of stories about cancers being detected too late and I always wondered why didn’t they go and get treatment earlier. Surely there were visible symptoms no?

Apparently there isn’t.

The only thing way to detect cancer is through check-ups.

I understand the fear of being told that you are terminally ill because I am scared too and my fear of the afterlife is not helping either.

How does one continue to live in pain, knowing that his or her time is almost up?

I would be devastated because I have so many things I have yet to do.
Like learning a foreign language.

However, my biggest concern is Ekiel. When I think about me not being around, I worry. I know my family would take him in, but…

I plan to stick around for a very long time, to see Ekiel be the great man he is destined to be.
For that to happen, I need to start taking care of myself.

With my mom complaining about ‘womanly problem’, I take it as a sign that it is time for a Pap Smear test. I am not joking when I say I have never done Pap Smear before.

I had to drag my mom to come with me to the Family Planning Clinic to do the test. She gave me all kind of excuses, but when I told her she is a black pot, she slammed the bedroom door and reappears a few minutes later, dressed and ready to go.

She nags at my aunt who refused to see the doctor for another ‘womenly trouble’.

Of course the thought of some stranger poking ‘there’ is embarrassing. Bah, kan for authorized personnel only. *whistles* but this is the only way of doing the test. Besides, the whole procedure only takes less than 5 minutes. The nice nurse was very professional and explains what she was about to do so I would not freaked out. She started with a breast cancer examination then proceed with the Pap Smear. There was a minor, very minor discomfort which lasted less than 30 seconds and I’m done.

I paid RM28.50 (for first timers, RM25.50 for the next visit) and the result is available in a month time.

It was an easy and painless procedure.

Even my mom laughed about it when she came out of the room.

I laughed louder at her because she told me she heard stories that the male nurses at the clinic are always eager to do the test on patients. I even told the nurses this and they laughed too. Not as loud, but they still laugh because the only male in the clinic is the doctor who does not do this test unless there were complications.

So girls, there is nothing to fear about the test. The result is of course a different story.

There is no need for an appointment for the test and there are many other tests available at the clinic at very reasonable prices.

No. 613, Jalan Budaya off Jalan Kebajikan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
P.O. Box 11361, 88815 Kota Kinabalu, Jalan Kebajikan, Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 245209 (General Office), 210358 (State Manager)
217553 (advisory Line), 222703 (Clinic)
Fax: 088-210813

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 12:30 noon
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 12:00 noon
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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