Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Everyone is busy “discussing” about GE these days. Those who are, fanatical, would try to shove their idealism down your throat, and they are those who are more, civilized, share their view of the matter reasonably.

Everyone has the freedom to vote whomever they think is right.

My only question is; how sure are you with what you know?

One thing for certain, you cannot believe everything you see, hear or read these days. The truth has been tainted so much, it becomes a joke.

And I have a BIG problem with the “bribery-style” vote-fishing method used by EVERYONE. Maybe it was badly rephrased by some people, but this is exactly what I am talking about.

How would we know what the truth is?

Like the LD incident, I have heard so many “theories” you can actually make a 3-hour movie out of it. Of course I am concerned about the incident, but to blindly take out your weapons and fight is not a very bright thing to do. Neither is sitting around pretending it didn’t happened. The relevant people, whom the people trusted and voted as well as those who pledged to make this country safe, should have taken better measures when addressing this issue.

By the way, with all the “high-tech” gadgets, etc, how can one miss a group of 100 people crossing your border? So, maybe they come separately, which will take them weeks if not days to get everyone in but didn’t anyone find them suspicious? Come on. A big group of unknown people gather in a small location-tell me how is this not fishy? What did they think? They were there for sightseeing?

But one thing I do know that, this GE will be a very interesting one indeed. I have friends who are rallying friends staying out of the country to come back and make a difference.

And here I am still undecided.
All I want is a safe and prosperous country. A country that promotes respect, love and unity among its multi-racial and multi-religion people.

It is not so much about the party, but it is the candidates I am worried about. 

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