Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last weekend...

This entry is taking FOREVER to finish so I am just going to sum it all up not because I could not find time to do it but because I don’t remember most of the trip already. Yes, I am that old already.

Last weekend, my colleagues and I went to Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring to familiarize ourselves with two of our many products.

We were told to be there before 7.00am because the bus will leave with or without us. I woke up late that Saturday morning and I rushed around the house like a mad woman. I arrived 20 minutes before 7.00am at the meeting spot, to find no one was there yet.

I should have known better that these people will never be on time. Shame on me.

We finally took off around 7.30am. What I liked about the trip is the guided tour. I didn’t realized my knowledge about Sabah was THAT bad. *whistles* I need to surf the internet more.

One of the many waterfall along the way

First stop was at Nabalu. For those who are not from Sabah, Nabalu is somewhat like a market that sells local food and fruits, and souvenirs of Sabah. It’s funny how we Sabahan buy souvenirs like we’re from some foreign land or something.

Mount Kinabalu from Nabalu

he clouds swirled the mountain peak

The view of the Mount Kinabalu from Nabalu was SUPERB. I managed to get a good photo of the mountain and myself.

Most of my photos are self-snapped because for some weird reasons, pictures other people took for me turned out pretty bad.

The Mamut River

Our next stop was Poring Hot Spring. The lunch was pretty good but if I knew the trail to the Canopy Walk was crazy, I wouldn’t stuff myself so much. Not only my stamina embarrassed me, I thought I would past out from the sharp pain I felt on my right abdomen. I managed to drag myself up those stairs /hill and yes, I was the last few to reach the canopy point, but at least I didn’t need a rescue team to come and get me out right?

The Canopy Walk

Those who knows me well knows my phobia of wooden bridges. My legs went into jelly mode and I shamelessly wobble through the bridge. The canopy walk was about 41 feet off the ground and I looked down once and immediately I knew it was a BIG mistake. I said my prayers and braved myself to finish the walk. I survived ungracefully.

While the rest went to take a dip at the natural hot springs, I recuperated with two bottles of mineral water, two glasses of Iced Lemon Tea and a cup of coffee.

We stayed in a gorgeous rajah Lodge (it’s somewhat a presidential suite) that costs more than RM1,500 a night. It has a fireplace, three huge rooms, a nice dining area, a small kitchen and a fantastic view of Mount Kinabalu. I wish I owned the place.

Rajah Lodge

The living area

The fireplace

For dinner we had BBQ and steamboat buffet and it was DELICIOUS.

We planned to have a drinking session but some were not comfortable with my boss so they went to have their own party. I stayed behind because I am a nice employee and had few drinks with 2 staffs of the resort where we talked about politics and the younger generations today. Not my favorite topic but…

The first thing I saw in the morning


Next day, I had another feast during breakfast. All the fresh air makes me hungry. Then I was told I could go for another hike instead of the inspection. So off I went for another hike and a full stomach. The walk wasn’t as bad as the previous one but I still struggle a bit especially when I need to walk up the hill.

The Silau-Silau Trail

While walking, I was surprised to hear something/someone called out my name. It didn’t say CLARA but more like CLA-a. I looked around and guess what I saw, a HUGE frog. Or is it a toad? Anyway, I told the frog I want to take a picture and it didn’t even move. Like the butterfly. It was fluttering around as I tried to take a shot and I told it to stay put for a while and it did. Coincidence? Maybe but how cool is that?


We came back in time for lunch but I was too full and sweaty to eat anything. We left around 1.00pm and we stopped to buy fresh food and fruits.

Gosh, I made the trip sound boring. But trust me when I said I loved d it especially in the morning where I just sit back admiring the majestic Mount Kinabalu with my favorite music blasting in my ears and I just enjoy the serenity and my own company.

Enjoying the morning view

Mount Kinabalu peaking through the trees

Look what was waiting for me when I got into bed at 1.00am!

Me at 6.30am!

I just love the clouds


eSKay said...

alaaaaaaa.... i love kundasang.. this is where im gonna retire one day and enjoy the view to the max.. siok tu kan.. sejuk2... hmmm..

msLabadin said...

i stayed at rajah last yr too, company event etc mo harap sindri punya usin sampai bila2 pun ndak kesampaian. it was like so amazing kan!!! when i 1st arvd at rajah, i was literally speechless with the God Blessed View.

angelicbug said...


i am still torn between the sea and the mountain. Adakah tempat yang ada dua2 view?

I know what you mean. I could just sit at the balcony and do nothing. I could imagine Ekiel sana fireplace main api sudah.