Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday's rambling

Hello peeps.
I keep telling myself I’d blog later but that later never came.

When will I change?

I know this is late. I’ve actually written my personal review of the AF6 finalists but I never got the time to transfer it to my blog.
Anyhoo, I am happy that for the first time since I got addicted to Akademi Fantasia (AF) - season three, no thanks to my family, my choice of student won the competition. Though I love Nubhan’s voice, I think Stacy is the most consistent and definitely the better performer compared to the rest. Her Aku Stacy performance was WOW. I like the way she dances and the character she gave to the song.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I couldn’t think of any Malaysian artist who could sing and actually dance on stage. Yes, my knowledge about the local music industry is almost non-existent.

Despite the things I heard about her past, I think she is a good example of dreams do come true when you believe in yourself and you work hard for it.

The bit where the students were given each one wish, she wished for more time with the principal unlike the rest of the students who wishes for food. What were they thinking? That was going to be their last meal? Hee.

I hope she’ll shine brightly as a star.

The past weeks were a series of tests of patience and sanity.

Most times I wonder if it was worth the heartache, the headache and gastric from the unnecessary stress.

If I didn’t need the job I would have thrown my resignation letter aimed directly at that person’s head and started screaming “I QUIT AND YOU SUCK!!!”

That would be the day.

It’s frustrating when people treat you like shit though you’ve been nothing but nice to them.

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