Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I remember when I handed in my application form to my [ex] boss for her recommendation she was surprised I would want to sign myself up for a Diploma program sponsored by the Resort. Weird meh? With the frustrating ending to my short adventure as a college student due to funding problems, I will never say no to a fully sponsored education. I still won’t.

I don’t understand when some people are so concerned with the 2 year bond. But you know what, that same people are still here, after two years, Diploma-less. *tsk tsk tsk*

I was very worried the mathematical questions in the IQ test will cost me the Diploma. *LOL* Everyone knows how hopeless I am with maths. I actually “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”-ed the answer. When I was told I got the highest score, I did my happy dance. Twice.

We took about fifteen subjects combined (long story short, we had to change the course midway, so we had additional four subjects) which means 14 different lecturers. We had two different lecturers for one English subject, one same lecturer for three different subjects. Ngam kah tu? *LOL* Like I said, I am terrible with maths.

I couldn’t decide who to award as the Most Psychotic. It’s a tie between the [first] English, Ms I, and the Stats, Mr B, lecturer. I think Ms I deserves it better with her “I am the best teacher” speech. I will honour Mr B with the Most Annoying because he is that. A pain in the arse. His sarcasm is misplaced and I am still pissed with him for putting in the exam questions on chapters he never bothered teaching.

So I didn’t do THAT bad with a B for that subject but it did pulled my CGPA down. *sighs*

We started with 30 students, finished with 23. Some are loud, some are REALLY loud, while there are those who are almost invisible but one thing we have in common is our sense of humour. There was an incident where I teased a friend of mine about being the best student. I clapped my hands to emphasize my point when suddenly the whole class joined me, clapping their hands too. I don’t know who was more shocked, the guy or myself. *LOL*

I miss going to classes with them and the goreng pisang session.

I almost did not survive this journey gracefully with my procrastinating habit. Sure, it was difficult to juggle work, assignments, family and social life but at the end of the day it’s all about good time management and discipline, which I do not have. *whistles* Sleepless night. Headaches. Heart aches. Anxiety attack. There were days when I wondered why I put myself in this situation but I know it was just something I must do.

I finally managed to get my game right, but only with the last four subjects larr. Better late than never bah.

We finally had our graduation ceremony. It was short and sweet. I was awarded the Best Student *ahem ahem* and I had to give a speech during the graduation. In Malay. I took 3 days to write the speech and presented it in 5 minutes. I was so nervous, I thought I’d embarrass myself, which I didn’t. *phew* In fact, I got really good comments from the big bosses so *woohoo* It was all good.

So, there goes that two tick on my 2009 Things To Do List.

· Graduate the Executive Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management – Checked

· Graduate the Executive Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management with flying colours – Checked.


vsk said...

congrats congrats.. brava brava.. so proud of you.. weeeee

eSKay said...

wah.. u didnt tell me this part of the good news.. would have gone for celebration..


anyway.. congrats woman..

wah.. best student.. (with sound effect all)

carolchs said...

congratulations lala!