Sunday, November 22, 2009

a silly sunday post

With the not so many weeks left this year, I’ve wasted this weekend by doing absolutely nothing at all but sleep, eat, eat, eat and watch TV. I refuse to acknowledge the mental planning I did in my head, because we all know that will never happen. *sighs*

There’s plenty of things I can do this weekend; do my hair, cover the island for my next article, alter my top for a colleague’s wedding next week, prepare for the family Christmas reunion, etc. The list continues.

I did rearrange my wardrobe and Ekiel for the 100th time this year but that’s because the baskets of clean clothes, was already blocking the hallway. But *woohoo* anyway.

I really need to make time for the trip because I only have like 2 weeks before I need to submit the article for the in-house newsletter. By the way, yes, I agree the previous interviews were very wordy. I know better now than to ask too many *ahem* good questions but I was reassigned to write about something else anyway.

Anyway, I wish the island plan will happen exactly like I planned it in my head, but I cannot wait any longer. Why do some people assume I am just okay with their timing? I guess I just have to go with, or without them. *rolls eyes* Why so damn difficult one?

I went to a Club after months of hibernating at home on a Friday night. The music and the crowd have not changed much since my last outing. There was a woman from another country who was REALLY enjoying herself and the attention from the male species that looked like they are the older generation of some China mafia. I guess the men didn’t do that well, because they went to her table with two full glasses of beer, and they came back with two full glasses of beer. I salute the woman for taking care of herself because it was obvious she was tipsy from the way she walks and dances. Why can’t more women party like that?

I must also share the cutest thing I saw that night. A very girly guy (how else should I refer them), was dancing to Poker Face by Lady Gaga. She did the washing your face routine every time the singer goes “pox9 poker face”. So maybe it’s the anthem dance for the song I didn’t know, but I am so going to wash my face during that song when I go out with my girls the next time.

For all I know, during my next night outing, they’ve already come up 1,000 different moves. Kan?

I had a weird dream last night. I, Clara Angelicbug, was the guest to some talk show and I had cameras following me around. I remember introducing Ambuyat (did I get the name right? It’s the sago thingy that you eat with fish soup) as my favorite local dish to the camera. *LOL* I only had that thing twice in my whole entire life!

Then I was in the middle of my appraisal, but it was conducted by two unknown men. I remember saying that the past 31/2 years had taught me not to only grow in my career, but in my everyday life as well. *LOL* I so deserve an Oscar for that. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

Then I got the shocked of my life when I found people who I rather not see was there as my colleagues. They haunt me even in my dreams. *bangs head on wall*

I am sure there is a lesson to be learned from the dream, but at the moment, I am craving for some Ambuyat, or whatever is called.

Christmas is just a month away but why don’t I feel Christmas-sy at all?


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