Thursday, December 24, 2009

the day before Christmas

The past two mornings were eventful.

On Wednesday, I was about to put on my shoes in the car when I saw something hanging at the bottom of my pants. I was about to flick it away when I realised it was moving. It was a huge but confused caterpillar. It must have mistaken my brown pants as a tree. *LOL* No idea how it got there.

Though I think it was cute, I flinched every time it moved.

My brother took a tissue and tried to remove it but that thing was stubborn. He had to squeeze it and it bled a little. Yes, it bled. There was a spot of blood but I wasn’t bitten.

The caterpillar

Then this morning, at the traffic light near the hospital, the car was making this weird sound. My sister thought the tyre burst but I saw her hitting something on the road. We had to stop at the bus stop and my sister went to check what happened.

She said nothing is wrong until she bent down to see under the car. My sister drove over a box and it got stuck. My sister was wearing a skirt so I had to bend down to pull the box away. I wasn’t strong enough to pull it and my sister found a stick and started poking. We finally got the box off.

Whoever owns the box, *sticks tongue out*.

Christmas is finally here. *woohoo*

Santa doughnut. It looks better than it taste.

Happy Christmas people.
Be good. Be safe.
Hugs & Kisses.

Cheap labour but he takes forever to ground the nut [for Kuih Makmur]. Plus he sweats too much. *LOL*

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