Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what to do, what to do?

Welcome to another crappy month especially brought to you “Hey, That’s Life! Deal With It”.

I wasted 2 weekends working on something totally unnecessary. If only someone would put their foot down to stop the nonsense. Unfortunately, we were told to humour him. *sigh* I thought the nightmare is over but now we are expected to come up with another idiotic thing? WTH? I don’t think so my friend. Call me defensive or mumble to yourself silly. Get someone else to do it.

What is up with all this silliness?

Like Miley mentoring American Idol. Like those AF8 kids sobbing hysterically when the first student got kicked out on week 1. Like sales people not knowing their own product. Like ‘people who open their mouth without thinking of the consequences.

I sometimes wonder if this is all a big joke on me because if it is, I am so willing to roll on the floor laughing out loud. Heck, I’ll even cry a tear or two for the fun of it.


I am supposed to register Ekiel for primary school (he’ll be in primary one in 2012) but I am still very much torn between the non Chinese and Chinese school debate. Despite him not liking the subject so much, because of the many strokes he need to do for a character, I know the importance and the benefits from mastering the language as well as the Chinese school’s education system. However, during the recent school holiday, I realised how hard it would be not only for him, but for me as well. He had Chinese homework and the workbook was in Chinese without any translation. My son asked me what to do, and I stared at the book wondering if this is how it would be for the next seven years.

Another selfish reason for my worry is, him blaming me for whatever decision I make now, in the future.

I always think that my parents should have insisted I go to Chinese school although I told them I didn’t like the subject. My argument is what do I know? I was only 6 years old then. It has been a month now, and I still have not made up my mind. I just hope when I do make up my mind, I will not have another problem of finding him a school which is not full.

I asked Ekiel what he thinks and he casually answers Shan Tao but what does he knows. He is only five. I could have the option of sending him to Sacred Heart and sign him up with some tuition centres for Chinese language on weekends BUT will it be effective as he will only get to practise his Chinese one a week. Mind you, only my dad speaks Chinese at home and his Chinese is not the greatest. That and the fact that we are not the most disciplined family in the world and I would have the problem of transportation.

You should see the faces of those people when I need transport to go anywhere including work!

I know I need to get myself that driving license but I cannot afford a car [and many other things] anyway which means I need to get better pay which leads me back to my work headache. *bangs heads on the wall*

Life is just one big circle of mess.

What you think? Chinese or non Chinese school?


eSKay said...

chines school. he'll figure it out eventually.

afterall, when u cant do ur maths (minus primary school maths)or ur add maths or ur super science subject.. ur parents didnt do it for u kan..


angelicbug said...

lol. U have a point. that is why my maths is super terrible. :D

vsk said...

chinese school... thru my experience la kan.. thank God my mom and dad sent me to chinese school.. not to say Im so great with it.. but at least i'm better than the other kutz.. yang teda pigi chinese school la.. and its so much 'easier' for my first interview.. =D hehehe...

and sometimes when kena gossip.. sungguh berguna..