Saturday, October 16, 2010

The great conversation

I reluctantly woke up this morning for work.

Dragged my sorry arse around the house when I bumped into Ekiel who was waiting for me outside the bathroom door.

Ekiel: You got work today?
Me: Yes. You want breakfast?
EKiel: I have school today?
Me: No. you want milo?
Ekiel: How many days I cuti?
Me: Two days
Ekiel: Then I go to school one day and cuti again?
Me: You wish larr. Then you school five days and cuti two days again.
Ekiel: It’s not going to get more easy?
Me: Sorry kid. Welcome to my world.

He has problem waking up early in the morning for school.

Ekiel: I have school tomorrow?
Me: Yes, sleep now. Tomorrow you cranky again, don’t want to go to school
Ekiel: Because I cannot wake up
Me: That’s why you must sleep now
Ekiel: But I cannot sleep
Me: So how?
Ekiel: Mommy, why can’t we go to school at night? Then in the morning we sleep
Me: Eee.. go to sleep larr you

Mommy and son sure think alike.

My mom, dad and brother 2 went to KL for brother 2’s convocation.

Ekiel: I miss mama, papa & Boyo.
Me: Why?
Ekiel: Because they go KL. I don’t want them go KL
Me: Why?
Ekiel: Because I want them here
Me: Why?
Ekiel: Because we are family

While holding his English workbook in front of sister 2

Ekiel: X is for… (whisper) Mommy, X is for what?
Me: [peep over the book] That is so wrong. It’s not Xmas, it’s Christmas.
Ekiel: Mommy!
Me: Xmas Card
Ekiel: X is for Xmas Card [flipped next page] Y. Y is for…
Me: [peep over the book]
Ekiel: Y is for TULUR

Y is for YOLK

He used to tag along whenever I am sent to work but today…

Me: You want to follow send me to work?
Ekiel: No thank you. I rather watch cartoon.

*sighs* The only man in my life pun rather watch cartoon than to hang out with me.


vsk said...

hihihi aduii.. ekiel dis...

carolchs said...

he's getting smarter everyday oh lala...cute you guys punya conversation.